3 Reasons to Buy Pattaya Condos for Sale for Retirees

3 Reasons to Buy Pattaya Condos for Sale for Retirees

The Pattaya real estate market

is one of the most robust and dynamic in the world with more choice in terms of budget, locations and styles than you will find anywhere in SE-Asia. Over the past 6 months, Pattaya was voted one of the best places to retire in the world by the popular news and current affairs website, ‘the Huffington Post’ and also by articles posted on the world-famous BBC website. Here are 3 reasons why Thailand is the ultimate place to retire and why Pattaya condos are the most sought-after retirement real estate.

1# – Sunny and soothing climate

The older you get, the more you can feel the cold inside your bones. Many people from Northern European countries opt to move to sunny climes to enjoy their retirement because the warmth caresses their bones and joints, eliminating the aches and pains that are one of the most worrisome aspects of getting older.

Many retirees used to go and live in Spain, but in this day and age, Thailand has become a real frontrunner. With the world becoming a smaller place due to the onset of social media and innovative communication systems, places such as Pattaya, Thailand, are now some of the most popular retirement locations in the world.

2# – It’s all about the choice

The best part about retiring in Pattaya is the vast choice of real estate options on the marketplace. Whether you seek a stunning luxury penthouse apartment with sea-views, convenient city locations where you can simply fall out of bed and be walking distance from bars, restaurants and shopping centers, or seek somewhere in a quieter location, the Pattaya condo for sale market has more choice than anywhere else.

As mentioned above, the choice in Pattaya also comes in the form of many beaches, international style supermarkets, a plethora of nightlife spots and world-class eateries. It’s no wonder Pattaya is ranked as one of the best places in the world to retire.

3# – The price is right!

Due to the vast amount of choice and being located in the heart of SE-Asia, the Pattaya real estate market is one of the most affordable and best value for money that you will find. With an expansive choice of Pattaya condos for sale for under 1 million, you could sell your own house back in your home country, buy a value for money Pattaya condo and have lots of money left over to enjoy your retirement. The food prices are also exceptionally affordable, so living costs are relatively low when compared to the Western World.

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