3 Reasons to Live and Buy Property in Pattaya


3 Reasons to Live and Buy Property in Pattaya

Thailand is rapidly becoming one of the most popular places on the planet for Western people to retire, work or live. With all year-round high temperatures, affordable pricing and a laidback atmosphere, it’s hardly surprising. The Pattaya real estate market is one of the most fascinating of all, offering a large selection of property types with locations in the heart of the city and also on the fringes of the metropolis. Here are 3 reasons to live and buy property in Pattaya:

1. World Class Infrastructure & Holiday Lifestyle

Many people see Thailand as a third-world nation, which is not really true, especially in holiday destinations such as Pattaya. Many people live and buy property in Pattaya based on the solid and world-class infrastructure and lifestyle options.

Pattaya has world-class hospitals such as the Bangkok Pattaya Hospital facility, international schools such as Regents, high-end shopping malls that include Central Festival and much much more. Pattaya is a place that merges a perpetual holiday lifestyle with all the modern and luxurious trappings that accentuate a modern lifestyle.

2. Value for Money Prices

If Thailand is one of the most affordable places in the world to buy real estate, then Pattaya is the place that offers the most choice at the best value for money prices in the Thailand real estate sector. The amount of Pattaya condos currently on the marketplace with amazing value for money prices is simply phenomenal. Now is the time to take advantage of the current ‘buyer’s’ market for the best priced condos in Thailand.

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3. Investment Opportunities

My Pattaya CondoNot only is Pattaya a great place to live and buy property, but is also a lucrative place to invest. Many people take advantage of the Pattaya off-plan condo market to find pre-built condo offers that have vastly discounted purchasing rates, and once construction is completed, they either sell on the condos for a profit, or make back big bucks on the rental returns market.

Many Pattaya condo developments have rental return packages included in the offer, which makes it easy to manage from any part of the world, and with Pattaya being a world-class holiday destination, a Pattaya apartment in the right location can be a real big earner for investors. To find the perfect Pattaya off-plan condo, please click here.

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