4 Cool Tech Gadgets you need manage your Pattaya Condo while away.

Although Pattaya is one of the safest places I have ever lived

, everyone who owns a Pattaya condo needs to protect their valuables properly, and the best part about that is there is a cacophony of cool technological gadgets now in the marketplace to secure your Pattaya Investment. Not only are the latest technological advancements to enhance your security, but for all manner of unique and exciting things that will simplify your Pattaya condo experience.

Feel safe and secure while at the same time delving into and ever-changing world of gadgets that don’t just give you peace of mind, but also show you what is possible in the modern world.

The SkyBell

#1 – The SkyBell

You know what it’s like when you get into a serious Game of Thrones binge-watching session and the only reasons to leave the sofa is a death in the family or some other equally gruesome reason. The SkyBell allows you to control entry for your Pattaya property without moving from the couch, or even if you are not at home.

This smart video doorbell ensures you can hear, speak and see a visitor at your door whether you are at home or out. You can connect to your Skybell via most mobile devices, allowing you to talk to a visitor even if you are not at home. When your visitor presses the button, you will get an alert on your smartphone or pad, and if you accept this signal, the SkyBell live video feed will appear on your device allowing you to talk directly with your visitor. How cool is that?


Danalock Smart-Lock

#2 -Danalock Smart-Lock

Did you ever go out of your  Pattaya condo, get to your destination, and then realise that maybe you haven’t locked the door to your condo? Depending on where you are at the time of the question, you don’t want to have to go home to find that the door is already locked, and you have imagined things. If only we could lock our door remotely! Now you can with the cool Danalock Smart Lock, which allows you to lock or unlock your door from wherever you are. A remote control Smart Watch comes with the lock, which you can then use to activate your locks remotely from anywhere. There is all manner of Smart Locks in the marketplace in this day and age, so do your research and find the best one for you.


Smart Thermostats

#3 – Smart Thermostats

As you have seen from the gadgets above, you can pretty much control anything in your Pattaya condo remotely without even being in the vicinity of your property, and the latest state-of-the-art Smart Thermostats are just the same. Imagine the scenario; you are out partying with your friends, and the temperatures are soaring through the roof. You have to go home soon because you have work tomorrow but know it will take your air-con 30-minutes to cool the room properly.

With a Smart Thermostat, you can remotely control the temperature of your Pattaya condo before you get home. Not only that, but your Smart Thermostat adapts its setting based on your behaviour and conserves energy when you are out.

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Smart Coffeemakers

#4 – Smart Coffeemakers

At one time in the not too distant past, a smart coffee maker was a university graduate on the first day of a new job. Things done changed baby! Although this one might be a bit gimmicky, the latest range of Smart Coffeemakers ensures you will never miss a brew to start your day. You can set your brew schedule from anywhere using your mobile device. Wake up in the morning and kick-start your coffeemaker from your phone so you can simply go right into the kitchen from your bed to start the day in fine coffee-enhanced style.

We really do live in exciting times in terms of technological advancements, which is great if you have a condo in Pattaya and want remotely to control the more mundane aspects of your life without too much hassle. For more details on the best selection of Pattaya condos for sale, please click here to see our world-class choice at My Pattaya Condo.