4 Ways to Improve your Pattaya Condo Resale Chances


We live in a very competitive world, especially in the Thailand and Pattaya real estate markets. Although the new Pattaya condo developments garner lots of interest from buyers, those people in the know already understand that if you seek a bargain, the Pattaya condo resales market is where you go. If you are a private condo owner in Pattaya and have been trying to sell your property to no avail, you really need to read this article.

Because the Pattaya condo market is so competitive, private owners who want to resell their condo unit really have to make sure their property stands out from the rest. That can be a little scary sometimes because you are probably in the position to sell because you want to make money, not lose it, but there are a few ways you can improve the chances of selling your resale unit with the minimum amount of financial outlay.

Improve the simple things in your Pattaya Condo

This might sound like common sense, but fixing the simple things is a great start. If your property is looking a bit old, you really need to make it look fresh and clean. Get someone to give your property a re-paint, make sure all the fittings and fixtures such as the lighting and other such issues are all working properly.

Making your property’s appearance look the best it can be really is important because first impressions really do count and within such a competitive marketplace. Making sure the simple things are in order goes a long way.

Get good quality photos

Now that your Pattaya condo is looking great, the best way to impress potential buyers is to have quality photos. You will be surprised how good photos of your condo can really take its appearance to the next level. Even if you have to do the photos yourself, go online and find some tips on how you can make your photos look high quality.

There are many photographers in Pattaya that offer cheap rates, so you might want to consider using their services, because if you want to list your condo online, it really needs to pop and impress.

List your property with agents

Now your property looks great and has a stunning choice of photos, you need to list your resale condo with the best and highest ranked real estate companies in Pattaya. These online platforms are the best ways to get your property out there so the world can see. It doesn’t matter how great your condo looks if no-one is seeing it.

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Make sure your price is right

The most important aspect of selling your condo unit, especially amidst this competitive marketplace, is to ensure you price your property correctly. Get in the major real estate listing sites and compare like for like to find the right price that will have a chance to sell. Make sure you compare your apartment with others that have similar sizes and locations to get a true reflection of the current market price. If you have time to sit on your condo for a while, don’t sell it for the cheapest prices and wait for the right buyer, but if you need to cash-out soon, you will have to make the price appealing to potential buyers.

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