5 Reasons why you should buy a Pattaya Condo in Jomtien

Condo in Jomtien

Why should you Buy a Pattaya Condo In Jomtien?

Just over 15-years ago, the Jomtien Beach area on the Eastern Seaboard under a 10-minute drive into downtown Pattaya, really was a quiet and undeveloped area that did have some tourism and residential qualities, but on the whole was a very rare place. Fast-forward to 2016 and Jomtien Beach is now known as one of the best domestic and holiday destinations in Eastern Thailand, home to lots of modern and Western-style amenities and lots of prime real estate and Pattaya condos for sale. Here are five reasons why you should buy a Pattaya condo in Jomtien.

Central Location in the Pattaya Region

The best part about living or holidaying in Jomtien is its central location. Less than a 10-minute drive to Pattaya Walking Street with easy access out to Sukhumvit Road that makes visiting international shopping centres and the region’s best attractions so convenient, Jomtien Beach does offer something different from other destinations in the area. With Pratumnak Hill also directly between Jomtien and Pattaya, living in Jomtien means you are right in the heart of the action without the chaos that can sometimes affect those who shy away from city-life.

Vast International Amenities

Buying a condo for sale in Jomtien does make the most sense because you have everything on your doorstep without the hassle and madness of Pattaya City. With lots of Western-style and modern amenities nearby, you never have to venture too far to get what you want in Jomtien.

From an understated nightlife scene with lots of bars and a friendly expat community that has a real sense of togetherness, due to its close-knit environment, alongside amenities that include fitness centers, small-scale international family marts, cafes, coffee shops and much more, what more could anyone wanting to live a modern tropical lifestyle need?

The Home of International Restaurants

I purposely omitted to mention international restaurants in the amenities section because it deserves its category.  I believe that Jomtien has the highest concentration of the region’s best international eateries and restaurants. With fabulous high-end restaurants such as News Steaks & Grill, Bruno’s, Cafe des Amis, Gians and Akvavit Bar & Grill, alongside the more affordable and mid-range eateries such as Punch & Judy, The Lion Pub, The Pig & Whistle, Frasers and many more I have no doubt forgot to mention, the choice is just stunning.

Laidback Beach Resort

With its laidback atmosphere, it’s no wonder that so many people choose to purchase Jomtien Real Estate. Jomtien Beach itself offers a much more peaceful holiday and residential experience than Pattaya and although the beach might still not be as undeveloped as Bangsaray per say, the atmosphere and choice of beachside resorts and guesthouses is what makes Jomtien a laidback place to live.

Affordable Jomtien Condos for Sale

Jomtien has some of the most desirable, convenient and affordable condos for sale in the Pattaya real estate market, benefitting from the above-mentioned amenities and proximity to the city without having to live in the middle of it. With brand new Jomtien developments such as Espana Condo Resort and other well-known names such as Atlantis and Laguna Beach, Nam Talay Condos and the View Talay Condo residences, please click here to see My Pattaya Condo’s most highly recommended Jomtien condo developments for unbeatable prices.