5 Reasons why the Pattaya Condo for Sale Market is the Best in Asia

The robust and dynamic nature of the Pattaya condo for sale market really does make it the best place to investment in the Asian real estate market. From the most stunning value for money prices to the conditions of living in the city and everything in between, the Pattaya real estate market really is the ultimate place to invest and continues to see excellent growth year upon year. Here are 5 reasons why the Pattaya condo for sale market is the best in Asia:

World-Class Living conditions

Pattaya is also known as one of the most exciting and desirable locations in the world to live or holiday, merging that special Thai-culture with infrastructure that is simply world-class. From top notch road systems, especially between Bangkok and Pattaya, to high-end international shopping centers, fine-dining restaurants, world-class medical facilities and international schools, not forgetting the beaches, bars and perpetual holiday lifestyle, Pattaya is a place that has everything the modern condo buyer will need, all within a sundrenched climate perfect for retirees.

Pattaya Real Estate Choice

The Pattaya condo for sale sector offers the widest choice of condominiums imaginable, from affordable condos around the $20,000 USD mark to luxurious Pattaya penthouses with panoramic views overlooking the Gulf of Thailand, and everything in between. Pattaya is a homebuyer’s paradise with a vast choice of styles and price ranges. At My Pattaya Condo, we are widely known as having the best prices on the Pattaya condo for sale market, bar none. Click here to find your perfect Pattaya condo for an unbeatable price.

Value for money

With a location in the heart of South-East-Asia, one of the best things about Pattaya real estate and condos is their unbeatable affordably and value for money. This reason alone is why so many people opt to live and buy properties in Thailand, which also makes it the perfect place to invest…

Great for investment

The robust nature of the Pattaya condos for sale market means that many investment opportunities are here and waiting for you as we speak. The Pattaya condominium developments that are currently under construction offer an amazing choice of off-plan units, available at discounted rates, so with our advice at My Pattaya Condo, we can point you towards the perfect investment opportunity in Pattaya.

Most investors like to buy off-plan Pattaya condos and wait until construction is complete and the prices goes up, with many investors choosing to sell at this point to make a profit. Other investors buy Pattaya condos and utilize the short-term rentals holiday market to make back returns, with many of the Pattaya condo developments offering a guaranteed rental returns program as part of the deal. Click here to find the best choice of property investments in the Pattaya and SE-Asia region.

Perfect for retirees

Pattaya is the perfect place to retire. Our money from the Western World goes a long way in Pattaya. The sunshine is great for our bones and joints and there are lots of things to enjoy such as golf courses and a wide variety of clubs and groups for retirees. Why wouldn’t you want to retire in Pattaya?

5 Reasons why the Pattaya Condo for Sale Market is the Best in Asia5 Reasons why the Pattaya Condo for Sale Market is the Best in Asia