Applying Feng-Shui to My Pattaya Condo.

Applying Feng-Shui to my Pattaya condo.

Applying feng-shui to a small condo or studio in Pattaya

can be a challenge because normally is no separation between your living room, working and bedroom.

In other words, how do you implement feng shui if your bedroom is in the same section of your living area, and the kitchen is right near to it, all parts with no walls or partitions to separate the different feng shui energies?

This is the most typical situation in many big cities like Pattaya; it doesn’t mean you can’t have good feng shui in a tiny condo or a studio.

Two main skills you have to master if you want to achieve good feng shui in a small apartment or studio are:

1. Clearing all clutter and excellent rearrangement skills.

2. The artistic ability to create a harmonious division between different open areas.

Clutter clearing with feng shui, once you get to start practising it, can become an exciting and healing process.

How about knowing how to create separations within areas with different exercises, though? Wouldn’t that make space in the condo look even tinier? It might do.

But sometimes you have to keep trying until you find the ideal solution for your small living space. You need to generate pathways of energy in your small space and provide as much privacy as possible for your bedroom.

Each area will ask for specific solutions, and you could be working from your condo, for an example; thus you will need to deal with more space partitions in your home.

Some of the normal feng shui partitions/Divider for a small studio and condo are various screens (from rice paper ones to painted screens), tall plants, a bookshelf or even a row of indoor curtains blinds.

To help you select the best type of space divider to use find out the feng shui energy / feng shui factor needed in the area. Knowing which feng shui element is required for good feng shui in your condo will help you with your decision.

For an example, if you need a divider for the South feng-shui area of your small studio or condominium, some good feng shui choices can be a tall plant, a wooden screen, a wooden bookshelf or a row of red curtains. Choices that are not recommended, feng shui-wise, for the South area, are colours black and blue, or mirrored screens.

Let’s look at some of the leading feng shui priorities in a small apartment or studio.

1. Our main door or entrance. In feng-shui, the main door is called the mouth of Chi, or Universal energy. If your apartment is small, it becomes especially important to have a clear and open entryway, thus allowing more energy to enter and sustain your living space. Space saving solutions, good lighting, uplifting art, vibrant or soothing colours and objects of attraction can be brought into any area independent of its size.

Because your condominium in Pattaya is small, put some extra work into having the entry way as clean as possible, with no clothing, shoes or unnecessary items lying around in plain sight.