A Guide to Choosing Where to Buy a Property in the Pattaya Area

When purchasing a condominium in Pattaya, careful consideration of the pros and cons of each area is an absolute must.

Prior to making any condominium purchase in Pattaya, it’s prudent to first assess the primary reason as to why you wish to do so. For example, are you buying a property for investment purposes or for you to personally live in? You need to carefully weigh up and consider your options as to which area best suits your lifestyle needs and hopefully this article go some way towards helping you to decide by discussing the pros and cons of each area and comparing the features and facilities such as entertainment, convenience, peace and quiet, value for money and investment potential.

Condos in Central Pattaya

This area has the greatest concentration of entertainment and shopping facilities, including the famous Walking Street, with its numerous bars and nightclubs as well as the high-end shopping centres of Central Festival and Royal Garden Plaza. The area also boasts the largest number of top international hotels which overlook Pattaya Beach.

Central Pattaya is the hub of the region and as such, is well serviced by public transport in the form of the “Ten Baht Bus” or ‘Songthaew’ and hence residents of central Pattaya rarely need to use their own transport.

With its central location it is also an area where the majority of short-term tourists and holidaymakers are located and as such, owning a condo in Central Pattaya might be considered as a good investment as it can easily be rented out when not in use.

On the downside, the area is perhaps not suitable for buyers who want a quiet and uncrowded beach and away from the hustle and bustle of the many tourists.

Condos in North Pattaya, Wong Amat and Naklua

This area is characterised by clean and quiet beaches which are located in a bay north of central Pattaya, which although tucked away from the central Pattaya it is still only about 15-20 minutes away from Pattaya centre using a taxi or a short walk and Baht Bus from the Naklua Road. Due to its serene and peaceful location surrounded by 5-star hotels, prices for condominiums here are consequently often higher than in central Pattaya and compare with those paid for condos in the area of Pratumnak in the south.

Although there are no large shopping centres or entertainment complexes in the area there are still numerous bars, restaurants, massage parlours and small shops in the area, particularly on the Naklua Road.

Condos in South Pattaya and Pratumnak

South Pattaya is the area south of South Pattaya Road and Walking Street and can be divided into the areas surrounding Thappraya Road (linking Central Pattaya and Jomtien) and Pratumnak is known as the “Beverly Hills” of Pattaya due to its green and elevated location between central Pattaya and Jomtien and which afford fantastic views over the Bay of Pattaya. It is also quieter and more exclusive than the surrounding areas with a nationally protected royal park in its vicinity and private beaches (Cosy Beach). The prices of condominiums in this area are some of the most expensive in the Pattaya area with perhaps the exception of high end properties in central Pattaya and Wong Amat (North Pattaya).

The disadvantages, if any, are that it is not located on any public transport routes, though it is still accessible with the use of easily available motorbike or car taxis. Although there are no large shopping complexes in the area there are still a host of bars, restaurants, massage parlours and curio shops to frequent.

Condos in Jomtien and Na-Jomtien

This area has seen the largest number of condominium developments in the region in recent years. It has the advantage of a long clean beach with a road running directly alongside it aligned with many bars, restaurants and shops.

Jomtien is not as busy as central Pattaya and lacks the large shopping facilities and night-time entertainment of the latter, but it does mean that the area has a more relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. Nevertheless, Jomtien is well-connected to central Pattaya by the cheap and frequent Baht Bus running all through the day and night, thereby ensuring transport is not an issue.

The area is still developing and many facilities and entertainment venues, especially for children, have been opened recently, such as ‘The Cartoon Network Waterpark’, which is the largest outdoor themed waterpark of it’s type in South East Asia.

Many of the condominium developments in the area can quite rightly be termed resorts because they are built on large plots of land and include many more facilities such as bars, restaurants and shops likening them to “mini-cities”.

In Na Jomtien, further south, in contrast to Jomtien itself, many of the developments have been built next to the beach and have direct access to it. Consequently, these developments are more expensive than in Jomtien and although they are further from central Pattaya and the tourist infrastructure, they do have the advantage of being more relaxing and peaceful. There are also a range of different types of properties in Na Jomtien, which as well as condominiums, include individual houses and villas within gated communities.

Condos in Bang Saray

Even further south and 15 km south of central Pattaya, is the Thai fishing village known as Bang Saray. Personal transport is necessary if you buy a property in this area and wish to visit central Pattaya on a regular basis. The wide variety of amazing seafood restaurants and its long stretches of unspoilt beaches are a huge draw for locals and tourists alike. Despite its growing popularity and given its distance from the centre of Pattaya the area still retains its peaceful and tranquil atmosphere, prices are also cheaper than other areas at present, but not for long as price are sure to increase in the foreseeable future thanks to the abundance of nearby premier tourist facilities in the area such as ‘Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Gardens’, The Cartoon Network & Ramayama Waterparks, Silver Lake Vineyard to name but a few. Believe me when I say that you risk overlooking this area at your peril as its almost certainly earmarked for great things in the future, in fact rumour has it that a ‘HomeWorks’ shopping centre has already been earmarked for this area so there’s no time like the present to take advantage of the upcoming economic boom that’s about to hit this area.

East Pattaya

In this area, which is situated east of the main Sukhumvit Road linking Bangkok and the eastern seaboard of Thailand, contains many private houses, which are often set within gated communities. Many are also close to, or surround, a lake and are close to the Siam Country Club: a hang-out of golfers. There are also some condominium developments starting to be built in the area. The advantage of the area is that it is close to central Pattaya, being a short drive away, though you will need your own transport or otherwise will have to rely on taxis. The prices of properties here are cheap compared to other areas of Pattaya and often for the price of a condominium nearer the centre, a whole 3-bedroom house with a garden can be purchased. There are also an increasing number of growing facilities such as local bars, restaurants and shopping centres, such as ‘Big C’, in the area.

The area is generally chosen by ex-pats with extended families and pets who are either retired or are working and living in the area long term.

By MypattayaCondo.com