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Pattaya is fast becoming one of the most sought after resort and/or retirement destinations in the whole of Asia thanks to its inexpensive cost of living, friendly people, beautiful beaches and all year-round sunny climate.

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This rapidly growing city on the shores of the Thai eastern seaboard has come a long way since its humble beginnings as a Thai fishing village back in the early 60’s and later still as a rest and recuperation holiday destination during the Vietnam war era for American troops. Ever since then, Pattaya has continued to grow both in terms of its size and popularity throughout the 80’s, 90’s and early 2000’s to the point now where Pattaya is able to compete toe to toe with any other rapidly emerging city anywhere else in the world. Pattaya now has many world class amenities like modern shopping malls, top notch eateries, restaurants and street food, international hospitals & schools, water theme parks, golf courses & yacht marinas. In many cases these amenities are either comparable or in some cases even better than those to which we’ve grown accustomed to in many first world western cities. Pattaya is now a well-rounded, family friendly tourist destination and as such, has evolved into so much more than just a world famous nightlife entertainment destination.

My Pattaya Condo has a dedicated team of property professionals on board who speak a variety of languages ranging from Thai, English, Russian, German, Lithuanian and Afrikaans to assist you in finding your ideal property. We’re extremely proud of our long-established track record of giving both our valued past and current clients the best possible impartial advice whilst still holding their interests firmly to heart. In the spirit of full disclosure, we also do 360 virtual tours for each and every listing and project so please don’t forget to check out our 360 virtual tours.

As such it shouldn’t come as any surprise that we are now arguably one of the most trusted and widely respected real estate agencies in the city. Our primary focus is to guide you through the buying and/or selling process from start to finish. Why not let us do all the heavy lifting? Whether its finding you that perfect property at the best possible price or getting you the best possible legal advice our primary mission is to make buying and/or selling a property through us both a seamless and stress free process. Thanks to our long-standing relationships with many of Pattaya’s major developers, we have the inside scoop on the latest upcoming deals, which we’ll then gladly pass onto you.

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Top 20 Hot Deals

Are you looking for the hottest deals in Pattaya? Then I strongly recommend that you check out our Top 20 Hot Deals list.

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This is a short but comprehensive list of our best deals for the month which our dedicated team of property professionals have cherry picked out of our listings database. Each and every property featured on this list has been significantly discounted and as such has been priced to sell fast. There’s no better time to buy like the present so why not call or email us today or risk losing out on these great deals. Alternatively, you could always chat to us online. Simply click on the chat box below and one of our team members will assist you.


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Are you looking for a great short or long term condo rental?

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Please check out our comprehensive list of outstanding rentals which are not only competitively priced but also come with flexible rental terms.


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Thanks to our 360 Virtual Tours you can now explore each and every condo project and individual condo listed for sale or for rent on our website.

We’re the only agency in Pattaya that offers this service.

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Let us help you to sell your condo by reaching out to potential buyers in a more productive and innovative way. Our 360 Virtual Tours are guaranteed to give you that added extra exposure which your condo deserves. For more details regarding our 360 Virtual Tours, please contact us.

We have a professional photographer on stand by right now to take professional photos of your unit and to do the 360 virtual tour. Better still we offer this service to our clients completely free of charge.

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A new article from Pattaya Trader magazine.

“On a recent trip to the Cozy beach area of Pratumnak I saw new condo towers shooting up and land being cleared, supposedly in preparation for more. I was there to interview the team at My Pattaya Condo our cover feature for this month and I must say they are delightful people to deal with and as one who cannot get enough of being nosey around other people’s properties I am personally loving their 360 webcam.