Pansa Banpot (Toon)

Khun Toon is a friendly and extremely capable sales person who has spent the vast majority of her working career in the local Pattaya tourism and real estate sectors. And as such, both ourselves and our clients have benefited greatly…

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Pawinee Peeriyapawakul (Pui)

Khun Pui speaks fluent Thai & English in her role as our office administrator with a BA degree in mass communication. Prior to working for My Pattaya Condo, she worked as a Building Manager for a well-known condo project here…

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Korakot Suchainai (Frank)

K Frank is our resident I.T. and online marketing specialist, with a keen interest in graphic design, video editing and 3D animation. K Frank has a graduate degree in Science & Technology and loves to constantly learn new skills such…

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Nuthya Thongchan (Nat)

From Fashion Design in India to Marketing and Sales in Thailand, K Nat has a very interesting and colorful experience. Studied at UK university with BA (Hons). Have worked for one of the large developers in Pattaya. K Nat is friendly…

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Nilobon Keodkeaw (Pakkad)

K Pakkad is extremely knowledgeable in her dealings with both our companies and our clients legal paperwork, particularly when it comes to facilitating the transfer of title over at the land office on behalf of our valued clients. She’s undoubtedly a…

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Somphong Srisawat (Aunt)

K Aunt is a cheerful and friendly person, who’s very patient and attentive when it comes to his dealings with our valued customers. He speaks fluent Thai, English and Russian and has a good grasp of what’s going on in…

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Sarah Sariddee

K. Sarah is actually the step daughter of one of the CEO’s and the latest addition to our My Pattaya Condo team. A recent college graduate, K. Sarah has rapidly proven herself to be an indispensable general assistant in performing…

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Edwin Gramba

K. Edwin is fluent in both English and Russian and has worked abroad in the UK as a real estate agent. K. Edwin has over 9 Years of local hands-on real estate experience in Pattaya and he’s ready to tell…

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Robert Hart

K. Robert is one of the most reliable and honest real estate agents that you’ll ever have the good fortune to meet in Pattaya. Fluent in both English & Afrikaans, and with over 15 years of local real estate experience…

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Apapat Chalakun (Dear)

K. Dear who is fluent in Thai & English is the heart and soul of our office, she’s awesome and hardworking. With several years of local hands on Real Estate, Management and Accounting experience she is a highly competent and…

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