Issues for Pet-Lovers in Pattaya Condos

It’s interesting how different the perceptions of Thai and western people are so contrasting when it comes to owning pets. Thailand is a very free, and warm, place to live, which means that certain animals that we see as domesticated in the Western world, such as cats and dogs, generally roam free Thailand. Recently, a friend of mine who owns a Pattaya condo received a final warning for owning a pet and allowing it to live in the condo because of the development’s no-pet policy. Which made me realize how difficult it must be for pet lovers buying Pattaya condos.

My friend has one of those small ‘pocket’ dogs (as I call them). You know, the type made famous by celebrity half-wits such as Paris Hilton and the like, who dresses them up in garish clothing items and parades them around in her pocket like a fashion accessory. That’s not really the point I am trying to make though.

No-Pet Policies in Pattaya Condos

My friend’s dog has been living in her Pattaya condo for the past two years, and even though the maid and the security guys know all about it, and in all honesty don’t really care, someone else in the building has made several complaints. She would always make sure the maid and security guards were rewarded for their silence with food and drink gifts.

The security guard had informed her before that as long as she kept her dog locked away and it didn’t make much noise or nasty odors, that the development owners didn’t really care one way or the other. This is the approach most condo development owners take in their stance towards pets. It’s not like they are against pets, they just worry that other owners will complain and cause trouble.

As always with Thailand, the rules are not always that clear and concise and are open to interpretation. Even in Pattaya condo developments with no-pet policies, as long as you keep your head down and your pet is not noisy or destructive, as long as management doesn’t see it or other owners don’t complain, you could theoretically still keep a pet. Obviously pets such as rabbits, hamsters, birds, or even cats, are quite easy to control, although it can be a bit different with dogs.

Finding a Pet-Friendly Pattaya Condo

I suppose the common-sense way forward for pet owners is to find a Pattaya condo development that has a pet-friendly policy, but that is not always that easy. Alternatively, if your pet is well-behaved, you might be able to get away with having it in any condo complex as long as you are not grassed up by the cleaners or security. We would suggest that if you simply MUST have a pet, try and make sure it isn’t a dog because they are noisy and hard to control, and at the end of the day we have to respect those we live amongst.

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Issues for Pet-Lovers in Pattaya Condos