New tourist friendly train service from Bangkok to Sattahip via Pattaya starts on March 27th.

Various reputable newspapers such as “Pattaya One” and “Bangkok Jack” have announced that plans are currently being set in motion for a regular air-conditioned diesel train service linking Hua Lampong (Bangkok) Station to Sattahip Station via Pattaya Stations. The new train service is scheduled to start on March 27th and pricing together with the number of stops along the route is yet to be announced.

According to Thai social media, the present Deputy Governor of the MRT Business Group Mr. Tanong Sakpongprasert formally made this announcement on February 13th. Primarily focused on tourism, the train is expected to stop at places such as Siracha, Pattaya, Pattaya Floating Market, Nong Nooch Gardens, Wat Yanang Wararam and Plutaluang along the route.

Travel times are expected to be around 3 hours, which is somewhat quicker than previous travel times of 4 hours with the train departing Bangkok at 06H30 and arriving in Pattaya around 09H00. Similarly the train will depart Pattaya at 15H50 and arrive back in Bangkok at around 18H50. The new train service will initially be run on Saturday’s, Sunday’s and public holidays and is subject to review after an initial trial period of 6 Months.