Pattaya Beach Cleanup is Great News for Pattaya Condo Market.

It seems that Pattaya as a whole is evolving and moving forward into the future. Although the constant crackdowns and cleanups across Thailand via the government have come in for criticism from some quarters, I think we can all agree that if the crackdowns manage to make Thailand and Pattaya a better place for tourists and residents, then it’s all worth it, especially for those of us who are involved in the Pattaya condo for sale market.

Over the past year, we have seen clampdowns on immigration, drink-driving, bar closing times and even unregistered hotels. One thing we all can agree on is that the recent clean-up of Pattaya beach is a splendid idea.

Pattaya Beach Road Cleanup

On the 22nd September, in front of Central Plaza Festival on Pattaya Beach Road, the Office of Disease Prevention and Control, alongside the Pattaya City Health Bureau, came together to clean up Pattaya Beach and to mainly get rid of the rats and make the area a cleaner and more pleasant place for everyone.

The groups met with political umbrella and beach chair owners to provide them with a chemical that is effective in ridding the area of rats in a very short period. The campaign is known as the ‘Na Jomtien Rat Elimination Campaign’ and aims to work in tandem with locals to make Pattaya beach a cleaner and safer place.

All local business owners have been encouraged to keep their areas clean and to dispose of waste in the proper and environmentally sound manner.

This concerted effort by officials and locals alike is critical to the future of the city’s tourism industry and also for the Pattaya condo market, as attracting more people to live in the city will be boosted by a cleaner and more ecologically sound philosophy.

Changing Face of Pattaya City

Like the region as a whole has become a more attractive destination for family holidays over the past 5-years with many new attractions geared towards families and wholesome fun, the crackdowns, although they are scoffed at by some people, are essential in driving the city forward as a world-class holiday and residential epicentre in Thailand.

With world-class Western-style shopping centres, international hospitals, top-notch golf courses, fine-dining restaurants and exclusive condo developments, the city offers everything a person in the modern world could desire. The only thing holding us back is the maintenance of the city as a whole, which is why the Pattaya Beach Road cleanup is a necessary step in the right direction.

The Pattaya Condo for sale market continues to attract a more diverse selection of people than ever before as Pattaya City breaks off its reputation as only a ‘nightlife city’, rapidly becoming a modern metropolis we can all be proud of.

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