Proposed Downtown Tram to be a Positive for Pattaya Condo Market

Proposed Downtown Tram to be a Positive for Pattaya Condo Market

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we always focus on the world-class infrastructure that Pattaya enjoys, which is always a massive positive for the Pattaya condo for sales market and the city in general. As the city keeps evolving and moving forward, anything that elevates Pattaya city to the next level is always happily received. The latest news on the proposed downtown tram for the city is just another example of how we are collectively moving in the right direction.

The proposed 8km-long Pattaya tram system is included in a 310 billion THB Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) development plan that is currently being decided and organised by the government and is part of larger infrastructure improvements in many areas across the Eastern Seaboard.

The proposed downtown tram would run in a circle from north to south of the city along Second Road and Beach Road, which will give tourists and locals alike a modern form of transport that would alleviate the city’s long-term troubling congestion and help with the flow of traffic in the city. At this moment in time, an estimated cost hasn’t been decided.

Pattaya City officials have also stated that if the proposed projects are not possible, that they could live with something on a smaller scale such as a tram that links 2km from the north to the south of the city along a single street.

This proposed idea is part of a larger Pattaya infrastructure proposal and is one of 62 projects that are penned in for government funding from the EEC, aiming to develop and promote industries across the Eastern Seaboard. The outline of the projects will be completed and available for consideration by November at the latest.

The larger aspects of the ECC funding are mainly centred around the development of areas such as U-Tapao-Rayong-Pattaya Airport, Laem Chabang Port and even the industrial area of Maptaphut. An area of 631,163 rai in Rayong, Chonburi and Cha­choengsao is penned in for development for international industrial development, which was recently stated by the Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand.

Plans are already in place to make U-Tapao Airport the region’s 3rd largest commercial air hub, which will also include a new aircraft repair centre that will be funded by Thai International Airways.

All the plans mentioned above are great news for the Eastern Seaboard and the Pattaya condo for sale market in general because more infrastructure and transportation improvement help elevate the city to the next level and cement our place as the entire residential region in Thailand for expats and international investors. Let’s hope these new plans for the Pattaya Downtown Tram can come to fruition.

Proposed Downtown Tram to be a Positive for Pattaya Condo Market