Southeast Asia’s E-Commerce Growth is Great for the Pattaya Condo Market

Southeast Asia’s E-Commerce Growth is Great for the Pattaya Condo Market

In what is considered great news for Thailand and the Pattaya Condo for sale market

, recent news that Southeast Asia is poised to become one of the fastest-growing regions in the world for e-commerce revenue between now and 2020, due to a recent report from growth-strategy consultants, Frost & Sullivan, is a real boost for the region in every way imaginable.

The report from Frost & Sullivan has stated that revenues for e-commerce across the South-east Asian market are expected to exceed 25 Billion USD by 2020, which currently stands at 11 billion USD in 2015. With the Pattaya real estate and condo market heavily relying on e-commerce marketing for the vast majority of their leads and profits, the report is great news.

The research has detailed that the business to consumer (B2C) e-commerce market across SE-Asia’s six biggest countries is set to rise 17.7 percent on a yearly basis.

We can take pride in the fact that both Thailand and Malaysia are the two most dominant e-commerce nations in SE-Asia over the past year or so, with Thailand generating 2.1 billion USD, which was no doubt helped by the rapid growth and robust nature of the Thailand and especially Pattaya condo for sale sectors.

Although it’s great news for Thailand, we also have to be aware that rapidly growing nations and the emerging economies of Indonesia and Vietnam in SE-Asia will also be very instrumental in the e-commerce growth over the next four years to help the sub-continent reach these lofty highs.

There will be challenges to overcome in the next few years in an economic sense, but with SE-Asia poised for greatness, these are challenges that are happily accepted by the region.

In many SE-Asian nations, only 50 percent of people have bank accounts, which dramatically affects the e-commerce market, so provisional goals will need to be set to take the sub-continent to the next level, and could prove to be one of the biggest stumbling blocks regarding e-commerce growth.

Also, with the complex geographies and logistical concerns with nations such as the Philippines and Indonesia, plans will have to be in place to overcome the challenges.

As the Pattaya real estate and condo markets are the epicenter of e-commerce growth in Thailand, and thus the entire SE-Asian block, we are in a pivotal role at My Pattaya Condo to help achieve and strive towards these goals, and they are ones we take very seriously indeed!

Southeast Asia’s E-Commerce Growth is Great for the Pattaya Condo Market