Stunning Promo Video for Terminal 21 Pattaya Shopping Mall Released

The Terminal 21 franchise has revolutionized what was once an ordinary and mundane shopping experience into a modern jet setting travel extravaganza with an airport theme thrown in for good measure. Thanks to a recently released unofficial promotional video we now know that Terminal 21 Pattaya will have over 180,000 square meters of shopping space spread across 6 floors with a 400 room hotel called ‘Grande Centre Point’ towering over the mall itself, which is somewhat reminiscent to that of the Hilton and Central Festival Pattaya.

The mall also has provision for over 1,500 car-parking slots, as well as 500 motorbike-parking slots. Additionally the mall will be split up into 6 country and/or city street zones, namely ‘England Street’, ‘France Street’, ‘Italy Street’, ‘Japan Street’, ‘San-Francisco’ and finally ‘Hollywood Streets’.

‘England Street’ will feature a traditional red double decker bus and antique phone box together with life-sized Buckingham Palace Royal Guards in their full regalia. This zone is earmarked for a 2000 square meter ‘Foodland’ supermarket which will be open 24/7, 365 days a year. This zone will also feature well known brand stores as well as sport wear and apparel stores. Naturally you can’t have an ‘England Street’ without paying homage to ‘France Street’ which almost goes without saying will be decorated with a huge replica of the Eiffel Tower and in typical Parisian fashion this area will be dedicated towards cosmetics and fashion.

The next port of call will be ‘Italy Street’ with the iconic Leaning Tower of Pisa as it’s main focal point. In keeping with the stereotypical Italian theme a gondolier and gondola are also thrown in for good measure. This zone is to be dedicated towards health & beauty products, as well as banking and mobile phones & accessories.

The next international destination is ‘Japan Street’ which will feature a hip and trendy Urbanista shopping arcade with over 250 individual stores. This area will also have several boutiques, cafes and restaurants presumably serving Japanese cuisine in keeping with the theme.

The next zone is ‘San-Francisco Street’, which will features a massive 2,500 square meter food-court with seating for over 800 people. Naturally in true San Franciscan fashion this area has the Golden Gate Bridge, as it’s main focal point.

Finally we have ‘Hollywood Street’ which is dedicated to entertainment and leisure. Paying tribute to blockbuster movies past and present this zone will feature a 7 cinema SF Cinema outlet as well as a video and games arcade to keep the kids occupied. Naturally in true cinema fashion this area is decorated with an oversized Oscar statuette.

Yet another fun fact is that the mall will have the longest escalator in the whole of Thailand. If that weren’t enough it will also feature a 250-meter long mock runway with scaled jet liner models together with pedestrian footbridges that are reminiscent of airport boarding gantries. In keeping with the airport theme the mall entrances will be labeled as gates whilst the staff will wear both pilot and air-hostess uniforms.

Pattaya is now the 3rd most visited destination in Thailand and if past successes are anything to go by Terminal 21 in Asok Bangkok had over 500,000 visitors per day in the first week that it opened.

By Love Pattaya News