Should I buy a used or new condo in Pattaya?

Is It Wiser To Go For A Second-Hand Condo Or A New Condo In Pattaya?


For any condominium buyer, it is imperative to think about the question that is posed in the title. There is a whole list of differences between buying a second-hand condo in Pattaya and a new one and oftentimes, the best way to decide on this is to understand all the facts about the pros and cons of each type to help you make a savvy decision.


Want cheaper maintenance fees? Go for new Pattaya condos!

If you are someone who loves to pay lower maintenance fees over time, then you should certainly think about getting a new condo in Pattaya. Second-hand condos in Pattaya would usually incur higher maintenance fees due to the upkeep and for new condo property development companies, lower monthly maintenance fees are a way for them to attract Pattaya condo buyers to their condo project.

Want lower property prices? Hunt for a second-hand Pattaya condo!

Well, if you like everything new and sparkling fresh, there is a price to pay for that and that means a higher property price for a new condo in Pattaya. Although this is not always the case, it is safe to say that when you buy a second-hand condo, it is usually cheaper than buying a new one. Pattaya is always featuring rising property prices so it is normal that you would be expected to pay higher for a brand new condo.

Don’t want to spend on renovations? Go for new condos in Pattaya!

For most of the new condos sold in Pattaya, it is more likely than not that these condos have come as fully furnished units. This is the condo project trend in Pattaya so by buying a new condo, you would be satisfied with the new furnishings as well as the up-to-date home design theme in the new condo. As expected with older condos, things get worn over time and this is understandable so you might have to spend some money on renovations to get a second-hand condo’s design theme up to your liking.

Looking for an established neighbourhood? Try finding a second-hand Pattaya condo!

Because new condos are usually new developments in lesser-explored areas of the city, wanting to live in a more established neighbourhood would usually mean that you would have higher chances of finding an ideal condo by focusing your search on second-hand condos in Pattaya. These established estates would have better proximity to lots of amenities and facilities that are set up along the years to facilitate the residents of these estates. For a new condo development to be coming up in an established part of the city is often rare due to the limitations of space but in any case, if you happen to find one, that would also mean a much higher price for such a new condo.

All in all, think about your specific needs about the condo you want to buy and once you have decided on your priorities, you can know which type of condo to search for in Pattaya!

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